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What Does A Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer Do

Corporate law is a vast topic covering many different specialties. One of these specialties is mergers and acquisitions, which is a unique and complicated topic. A merger in the corporate law is when two separate legal business entities merge to become one. An acquisition is when one business purchases a second business. There are many ways for each of these actions to happen, and each method is extensive and can be lengthy, so the representation of each business by a legal professional is becoming a widespread in corporate law.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

M&A can be so complicated because of the corporate structures. Corporations often have shareholders, directors, employees, and more. The actual merging or acquisition must appropriately deal with each aspect of the entity. Additionally, valuing one or both businesses can be difficult. Sometime M&A is not an option, there are forced or hostile actions where outside forces create the need for the Mergers and Acquisition and then an attorney. Also, they can be done in the interest of both companies and be agreed upon in its entirety.

Lawyers for Mergers & Acquisitions:

A lawyer for M&A must be well trained and experienced not only in law but with business as well. A background in economics and business management is very helpful to understand the makeup of a corporation.

A significant part of M&A is the due diligence which happens from the very beginning until the end. The lawyer must look at every aspect of the corporation and label and identity each part. They must have knowledge of what assets and liabilities there are, contracts, employees, revenue and anything else. After this, a detailed plan outlining the whole process is be drawn up to create a “road map” of the schedule. The actual schedule and what Is needed and time frame can change based on the industry and jurisdiction.

One thing that is certain is the licensing and permission from regulatory authorities must be consulted. Antitrust laws, or laws preventing monopolies, must be followed to make sure the actions taken, are not defined as anti-competitive. Furthermore, there it is necessity to compile the existing contracts and employee rights.

The closing of the deal must have thorough contracts that accurately represent both parties, and lawyers are trained to include all the information within the contract.

As mentioned there are many parties included in the whole process, and each one has legal rights and obligations.

The legal process of a merger and acquisition is complicated and time consuming. Having a lawyer on your side to guide you from start to finish can be more than helpful, but can help ensure a successful merger and acquisition.


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